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    About Us

    Who We Are

    We are a grassroots registered 527 nonprofit organization with a simple mission.

    1. Educate Voters 
    2. Help Citizens Register to Vote
    3. Sign up Precinct Delegates 
    4. Align with voters who understand the importance of God, Family and Country

    What We Do

    1. Offer educational presentations on why your vote counts and Precinct Delegate responsibility's  
    2. Notaries available for Register to Vote and Precinct Delegate drives 
    3. We hold events with guest speakers who explain how the political system works, the importance of community, meet the candidate events and so much more! 

    Brighter Michigan has a team of translators and notary's who can help. Our subject matter experts that can explain why its important to get involved with the local, state and federal election process. 

    Donating to Brighter Michigan

    Our mission is to cultivate and lift up a grassroots movement to educate and register new voters, endorse and help elect conservative leaders who support the bold vision of our founding fathers. 

    We need your help to provide resources, tools and support to take action and understand we are going to need money to do this right. 

    Funds donated online can be put to use instantly and are the easiest for us to process.  Personal or business donations are allowed and accepted.

    Your contribution will benefit Brighter Michigan PAC, Contributions to Brighter Michigan PAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses. 

    Daily Blog

    Our Team / Whats New

    Our Team

    Chairman: Eric Castiglia 

    Vice Chairman: Sam Tolla  

    Treasurer: Walter Blessed 

    Events Chair: David Enweya  

    Grassroots Chairman: Linda Torp

    Humanitarian Chairman: Jeanne Schabath

    Candidate Chairman: Larry O'Grady


    If your interested in hoasting an event please contact us. 


    Advisory Council

    Daniel Bernard : Legal Adviser

    Glenn Sutherland: PR / Branding Adviser

    Curtis  R. Hicks, II:  Strategy Adviser

    The big news

    What a Kickoff! Sunday March 4th we had our first of many educational presentations. Over 300 people in attendance. We registered over 35 people to vote. 

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